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School of Massage - Alumni Services

The Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy Placement Service assists licensed graduates in obtaining full and part-time employment opportunities in the field of massage therapy. Although we cannot guarantee placement for all students, we regularly receive requests for qualified applicants from business, industry and institutional sources, as well as physical therapists, chiropractors, and health spas and resorts. All job referrals comply fully with New York State Massage Law and are posted on the bulletin board in the student lounge and are emailed to our graduates in a monthly employment update.

Our placement staff is available to meet with each graduate to discuss various employment opportunities and counsel graduates in manners of professional conduct, business procedures and state regulations.

Continuing Education

CNWSMT addresses alumnae and students' continuing education needs through workshops and trainings offered on site in the Red Pines Training Center. Graduates can train with the top trainers and training institutes in the country such as Thomas Myers and The Upledger Institute, as well as talented workshop leaders in a wide variety of bodywork and massage modalities. Graduates can meet National Certification requirements and stay on the cutting edge in the field of massage therapy in our professional and comfort¬able training environment. Red Pines also offers classes in wellness, yoga and movement, creativity, and healing for graduates and the general public. Continuing education programs offered at Red Pines are not included under CNWSMT's accredited status.

Red Pines Training Center

CNW Newsletter

A CNWSMT alumni newsletter is distributed three times per year to announce upcoming school events and other school news.

Annual Gathering

The Alumni Gathering is a yearly event sponsored and organized by the CNWSMT staff to promote networking and career building among the alumni community and provide an opportunity for graduates to reconnect with their classmates and instructors.   CNWSMT provides  free Continuing Education classes at this event to help alumni stay up to date in the field of massage therapy.

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