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Alumni Spotlight: Mary Harney, LMT

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CNW: School of Massage Therapy Alumni Spotlight

By: Mary Harney, LMT

People often speak of a light-bulb moment when an idea or a thought just “pops” into your head and your life changes. Funny how that happens, it seems like fate when you think about it.

Inspiration for a new career

My light-bulb moment came after I suddenly left a job that I despised without the safety net of a new job; I had never done that before, ever. And, of course, that’s when the job market was particularly dismal, even with my strong customer service background. Weeks went by with not a single reply to anything I applied for; thankfully I was able to get some hours in a pharmacy where I had previously worked, but it was not enough.  Panic was starting to set in, and I worried that I would be going into another job that I would hate.

Sitting in front of my computer one afternoon, trying to “tighten up” my resume, the light-bulb went on and I remembered something I wanted to study when my kids were little. Massage! As I sat there, ideas started pinging around in my head: I could work from home, we were empty nesters, no one locally was doing massage, I could work part-time while going to school and I could begin working right after finishing school. Wow!

Having received massage regularly on “spa days” with my sisters, I knew from talking to therapists that the majority of them were happy and had attended CNW: School of Massage Therapy. So, impulsively, I called and asked for a tour, without even talking to my husband about it.

My Appointment with Destiny

The moment I walked through the doors, I just knew that this was to be my journey, I was certain of it! And from that moment on, everything fell into place, positive support came from all parts of my life, almost daily, it was amazing. Now don’t get me wrong, going back to school was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Full time studies were exhausting; it is not an easy course of study and at times I felt quite hopeless. It was those times when my phone would ring and it would be a dear friend offering encouragement or my husband hugging me, telling me how proud he was of me and offering to help me study.

Mary Harney, Massage Therapy, CNW Alumni

Where the massage happens!

Living the Dream

So here I am, living my dream, working from home, helping people, and watching my dream spread out like ripples in a pond. During the summers, I offer chair massage on the waterfront near my home, it’s so breathtakingly beautiful!

Fall and winter are spent hosting gatherings in my home where my clients can explore vibrational harp therapy, learn about crystals, experience a tarot reading, try workshops on relationships & empowerment and even art classes. My daughter is a certified yoga instructor and offers chair yoga classes here for my clients that want to relax and relieve chronic pain. It never ceases to amaze me how all of these “threads” come together.

Managing your own business can be challenging and I’ve never been happier. There never seems to be enough hours in a day to maintain my webpage, write regular blogs, promote my business on social media, and write a monthly newsletter that highlights my monthly special. Oh yes, see clients and do lots and lots of laundry too.  It’s a dream come true!

Life Changing Experience

My journey through CNW: School of Massage Therapy changed my life. I know myself better than I ever have, I enjoy life more, and my relationships with family and friends have never been stronger or healthier. There is so much more depth and meaning to my life’s path. I am grateful every day for my light bulb moment and what it’s brought to my life.


Massage Therapy, Massage School, CNW School of Massage Alumni, Mary HarneyMary Harney graduated from CNW: School of Massage Therapy in November of 2010 and works from her home in Waterford, NY as Mary’s Healing Hands. Clients can make appointments through her website: or by calling her at (518) 237-5587.

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