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"A Day In The Life"
Online Student Journal


Welcome to the CNWSMT Online Student Journal.

Are you thinking of attending the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy but are just not sure what it's all about? 

"A Day In The Life" is an online student journal written by students from the part-time morning, part-time evening, and full-time programs here at CNWSMT.

Below, you will see the most recent entries from each student.  Click on their name to see a complete history of the students' entries.


Teri - Part-Time Evening Fall '09

July 24, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Just finished Cranio Sacral word....amazing.  Passed the final and had an AWESOME 45 minutes session.  It still amazes me how lucky I am to be in such a fantastic school with the most incrediable class ever. 

Joe - Part Time Morning '08

Smells So Sweet
April 2, 2009 - 12:00 AM

This week we are learning about aromatherapy. Vickie, our instructor is quite animated. She is having no trouble keeping our interest as she imparts her vast knowledge of essential oils and their benefits to health and wellness. Today our olfactory sense was bombarded by one tantalizing scent after another. Of course all this has a purpose. The course on aromatherapy is designed to give us the basics on custom designing our own massage oils and lotions to utilize in our own massage practices. After creating our own personal blends, we'll get to try them out on each other on the last day of class, by doing a bodywork exchange. This is all light hearted, albeit important learning, and just the course we need to end our fourteen month trek along the road to becoming massage therapists. For this is also our last week of school with graduation coming up on Saturday.


As I look back on the posts I've written over the course of the past year, I'm constantly reminded of the many events, some of them pretty prominent, that I neglected to write about. Not to mention other happenings that others in my class experienced and I didn't. I'm prone to wonder what moments of our journey would have been recorded, had all my classmates posted entries on this site. Certainly they would have chosen to spotlight any number of the events I omitted in place of the ones I wrote about. Thus, I am overcome with a sense of humility for having the privilege of representing my class during our sojourn here at CNW. Being just one among twenty-two students, it is plain to see why my anecdotes, as numerous as they are, only constitute a small fraction of the myriad of pieces that form the mosaic of the Part-Time Morning 08 (PTM08) class experience. So even though I could only provide a glimpse (my glimpse) of the picture that only we as a class can see, I hope it was enough to convey at least the spirit of who we are. Not only am I humbled, but I'm also deeply grateful to my classmates and to the instructors and staff of CNW for being the phenomenal group of people they are. I can truly say that because of them, each one of my journal entries was written with pride. In concluding my last journal entry, I'd like to express these thoughts to my PTM08 classmates: 


The love, trust and respect we've fostered over these past fourteen months, we now get to pack in our hearts and carry with us as we embark on our careers as LMT's. Each time my path crosses one of yours in the future, it will be cause to celebrate and feel comforted by the presense of a kindred spirit. I look forward to those times. May they be many. I am confident each of you will find the prosperity you aim to achieve. You are made of iron wills and tender hearts. Those are ingredients of a smell that Aromatherapy can't concoct; the Sweet Smell of Success!


Luv Ya Guys




Angela- Full Time Fall 09

Pathology Presentation
June 14, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Presented my Pathology project on TMJ Disorder & Cranial Sacral Therapy. Went smoothly. Glad it is done. What a relief. Now all I have left is Aromatherapy. This class shall be fun.

Jenny- Part Time Morning Fall '10

140 Questions
January 8, 2012 - 12:00 AM

It’s been almost three months since my classmates and I graduated from CNW, and with the state boards fast approaching, we find ourselves just 140 questions away from becoming New York State Licensed Massage Therapists. Review classes began last week, and I’m putting in a little concentrated study time on a daily basis, mostly to reinforce what I already know and to make the information more readily accessible to my conscious mind when I sit down with the exam booklet and #2 pencil on the 19th. Looking back at the intensity of our program, the massive amount of information we internalized and the many hours of hands-on practice we logged, it seems a bit ironic that our professional identity should now come down to 140 multiple choice questions, some of which are undoubtedly couched in tricky wording (rumor has it that NYS likes to throw in a few linguistic curve balls). I’m grateful to the CNW faculty for preparing us so well to walk into the exam hall with calm minds and all the information we need for a passing score. We’ve also been armed with a few tricks of our own when it comes to taking tests: plenty of clever mnemonics (“Some Like Taking Pills To Touch Creator’s Hand”, “Major League Baseball is Played on Grass”, “No More Complaining, Ever…”), taking the time to jot down the Shiatsu cycles and any other information that pops into mind before even looking at the test questions, taking care to read the full question and each possible answer before picking the best one. And perhaps the most useful suggestion of all, repeated so many times during school in various contexts: to ground, center and breathe before we begin. With the latter as my starting point, I plan to ground, center, breathe, and approach the state exam as if it were a client on the table who deserves nothing less than my full presence. No hurry. If the best answer isn’t immediately evident, I can always make note and return to it later. Just as I’ve learned to read a client’s tissues, energy and emotional states for clues about how to proceed with my work, I can read each question for clues about the correct answer. And just as each client is an integrated whole whose right foot may suddenly reveal the information I need to effectively treat their left shoulder, I might find clues about the answer to one question in another question further along. No worry. If I’m stymied as to the correct answer on a question or two, I’ll either pick “c” or (even better) go with my gut. So bring on those 140 questions! I do believe that everything we need to know is within.

John- Part Time Evening Fall '10

The Holidays.....
December 14, 2011 - 12:00 AM

It's the holiday season and now more than ever do we need to forget the Material portion of Christmas and focus on family and friends. The material items will come and go, but family and friends are here forever. They support you, comfort you, and love you. Yes, they even may irritate you, but that is just how the cycle of life is. We are just like the tides of the ocean. Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. Now that we are in the home stretch of our schooling, I am so glad that the strangers I started class with back in October 2010, have now become my extended family. I truly cherish them all. This school is just a catalyst that brings people together to create a common good. I hope you and yours have a wonderful 2011 Holiday Season.....

Susan-Full Time Spring '11

June 5, 2011 - 12:00 AM

I've had an attitude about doing spa work once I graduate.  I've always thought I wanted to do something "serious" with massage, i.e. medical massage, or working with the elderly, infirm, hospice, etc. because this is a part of the population I saw "needing" the benefits massage can offer.  Although I have had massage at a spa before and loved it, it seemed to be more about relaxation and pampering.  A luxury, not a necessity.

We recently watched a National Geographic video titled, "Stress-Portrait of a Killer".  For over 30 years, Dr. Robert Sapolsky, researcher and educator at Stanford University, has been studying how stress affects us in our daily lives.  It not only impacts us on a psychological level, but on a biological level that can quite literally shorten our lives.  Daily stresses can keep us in a chronic state of heightened awareness not unlike being chased by a predator.  All of a sudden, we're behaving like cavemen and cavewomen!  Our bodies go into "fight or flight" mode.  We can't eat, we can't sleep, sex is out of the question, our heart rate goes up, blood pressure goes up and we get ready to save our lives or die trying.  Today in our normal day to day living, we're not too likely to be chased by lions & tigers & bears(oh my!).  Today's stressers would be more like the kids are fighting, the phone keeps ringing, late for work and stuck in traffic, the boss is angry and making unreasonable demands, and so on.  Our nervous system is operating in the same way as if we were being chased by a bear, maybe not a big, angry, fast one, but it keeps coming after us.  So, we might find it difficult to relax and just peacefully go about our lives.  This kind of stress takes its toll by way of highter blood pressure, eating disorders, indigestion, sleep disorders, and so on.  One way to interrupt this crazy cycle is to be mindful of the benefits of relaxation and release of tension, say perhaps a nice massage.

Maybe a little pampering by way of a relaxing massage is more necessary than I originally thought.



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