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Advanced Energy Mastery for Massage Therapists

September 27, 2019 @1:00 pm -June 26, 2020 @4:30 pm


36 Credits| $900
You MUST attend all 10 classes to receive credit for this course.
10 classes: 9/27/19, 10/25/19, 11/15/19, 12/6/19, 1/17/20, 2/21/20, 3/20/20, 4/17/20, 5/15/20, 6/26/20

With Joy Adler, Laura-Michelle Iacovone and Betsy Soares.

Course Description:

 Advanced Energy Healing Methods as an Adjunct to Massage Therapy

This program is designed for anyone who has a strong interest in learning energy healing techniques. It is also appropriate as the next level of training for those that have taken Energy Diagnostics in the past. These skills are designed to help a therapist with self-healing and balance as well as  minimize the physical demands of the body and are an excellent adjunct for massage therapists. Through meditation, lecture, Professional Supervision, experientials, demos and masterful healing techniques, licensed practitioners dedicated to self-transformation & knowledge will become profoundly adept at understanding and, assessing- energy imbalances, and utilizing new skills to bring optimal health, wellness and fulfillment. This can bring your work to a new level of effectiveness, and create lasting transformation for you and your clients. Because we meet over the course of the school year, you will have a lot of one-on-one support as well as an opportunity to bond with other like-minded professionals, deepen your connection to yourself and your effectiveness with clients. These skills will increase the chance of having life-long practice, and prevent injuries.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Registrant will explain how to use meditation to open and align the human energy field and chakra system.
  2. Registrant will explain the anatomy and physiology of the energy field and chakra system.
  3. Registrant will perform a hands-on energy chelation sequence that can be used to assist balancing a client’s energy.
  4. Registrant will demonstrate an energy chelation sequence on a classmate.
  5. Registrant will participate in exercises to open the root chakra of the energy system to optimize immune system health.
  6. Registrant will explain the importance of grounding and being present through the root chakra in relation to how that impacts their energy field and that of a client.
  7. Registrant will define how to use movement to recharge the second/sacral chakra, and how it relates to the immune system, our passion and personal power in life.
  8. Registrant will demonstrate through a creative exercise their understanding of their own second chakra.
  9. Registrant will be able to identify the characteristics of both an open (healthy) or closed (unhealthy) chakra and its impact on the physical, mental and emotional levels.
  10. Registrant will recognize the importance to balance giving and receiving in relation to self-care and being ready to treat clients via knowledge of the solar plexus chakra.
  11. Registrant will identify the connection between family of origin dynamics and self-esteem, and ability to take risks.
  12. Registrant will define methods of self-help and wellness to promote career longevity.
  13. Registrant will improve his/her intuitive awareness and information gathering techniques with the goal of aiding assessment and interview skills.
  14. Registrant will define how spiritual, mental and emotional connections have an effect on stress, pain, and disease.
  15. Registrant will demonstrate methods to enhance the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist.
  16. Registrant will be able to identify how energy medicine can induce relaxation and impact the following: Stress reduction, depression, anxiety, negative behavioral patterns.
  17. Registrant will perform an assessment of one’s immune system health, connection to the physical world and ancestral connections.
  18. Registrant will perform energy healing skills to integrate in massage therapy or as an agent of change for dealing with people with strong defensive reactions, and integrate into your own therapy, work and life.
  19. Registrant will demonstrate their understanding of physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional dimensions in life via the energy system.
  20. Registrant will perform self-healing techniques
  21. Through lecture, PowerPoint and experientials, registrant will define what high sense perception is, and how each chakra is a doorway to a specific sixth sense/intuition.
  22. Registrant will perform advanced meditation techniques each week which can lead to opening to receive, and the ability to have integrity of word when communicating with their client.
  23. Registrant will be able to open, balance and center themselves through fully functioning, healthy chakras at will.
  24. Registrant will demonstrate this essential centering, grounded approach for clients to optimize immune system energies and a deep sense of peacefulness.
  25. Registrant will set a matrix for healing chakra imbalances that can bring transformation and optimal health, through advanced energy holds.
  26. Registrant will perform still-handed holds as an adjunct to massage, which will help to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, negative patterns of behavior and induce relaxation.
  27. Registrant will explain how assisting in these ways may help their clients with increased energy levels, better sleep, and a capacity for greater fulfillment.
  28. Registrant will define methods of communication within their scope of practice that encourage clients to release old patterns of behavior.
  29. Registrant will define how childhood wounds compel a person to begin protecting and thus block energy, and movement through the defense/s they develop, which leads to body armoring. Discussion on how to integrate treatment of energy holds with traditional massage techniques as dynamic, two-fold strategy for healing the whole person.
  30. Registrant will be able to identify familial patterns that impact body systems, chakras, organs, areas of presenting complaint.
  31. Registrant will perform Hara (martial arts centering) Alignment in order to bring about structural rebalance to alleviate back and neck pain
  32. Registrant will demonstrate advanced methods of communication to aid client in body/mind/emotion connection
  33. Registrant will be able to realign their own intentions and goals.
  34. Registrant will perform Haric realignment on client.
  35. Registrant will perform self care techniques to open and charge each chakra center
  36. Registrant will list patterns of behavior that result in misalignment.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Registrants will define how to visually assess a client’s held energy pattern via client posture and body positioning.
  • Registrants will explain how to track a client’s shifting energy patterns during a chelation and adjust the session accordingly.
  • Registrants will participate in various experientials designed to enhance their high sense perception, which they can then use during chelation work with a client.
  • Registrants will turn in written summaries of sessions performed with practice clients. These summaries will be reviewed and commented upon by instructors.
  • Registrants will participate in classroom self reflective creative activities, such as journaling or drawing, designed to assist registrants with self exploration.
  • Registrants will perform movement exercises and activities designed to open energetic channels and thus enhance a registrant’s ability to sense energy shifts in clients.
  • Registrants will practice specific interview techniques designed to deepen his/her awareness of a clients’ presenting complaint.
  • Registrants will participate in guided meditations designed to open their chakras and will be asked, at the end of each meditation, “how do you feel different now, than when you started. Just note the difference”.
  • Registrants will define their projections and how that may influence their assessment of their client’s presenting complaint.
  • Registrants will define and understand how to use the tool of ‘resonance’- the ability a registrant has to perceive what is presenting with their client via what the registrant might be feeling/perceiving in his/her own body.
  • Registrants will explain how the body reflects the energetic state (emotional, mental, spiritual) of their client.​

Learning Outcomes of Specific Healing Techniques

  • Meditation, attunement
  • Specific Movements for opening each chakra
  • Self-healing through self-regulation of chakras
  • Chelation to balance, clear and charge the energy field
  • Grounding, solidifying, locking root for stabilization.
  • Forehead Compression Hold
  • Sealing and Healing energy leaks at joints
  • Stabilizing the second and 1st chakra
  • Third Chakra recharging, front to back, to feed tired adrenals, and balance care giving vs. self-care.
  • Shielding third chakra with our hands
  • 2nd chakra front to back, encouragement to “come forward in our authentic power”
  • Balance of masculine (right side) and feminine, (left side).
  • Healing the Split between the Heart and second chakra
  • Advanced Nurturing hold, (Front of the third and neck)
  • Holds that clear emotional wounds.
  • Facilitating Surrender pose, to assist client in opening (Pillow beneath back, to help open pecs)
  • Chelation holding heart open, clears emotional and karmic debris.
  • Communication tips to remain in Scope of Practice
  • Research project and presentation that integrates bodywork and energy
  • Creative project that brings together ones learning via the healing arts


September 27 @1:00 pm
June 26, 2020 @4:30 pm
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