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Teacher/Student Ratio

The Center for Natural Wellness: School of Massage Therapy (CNWSMT) is fortunate to have an excellent student/faculty ratio. The foundational massage technique courses have a one instructor assigned to a maximum of eight tables. This provides an optimum hands-on learning experience. Science lecture classes typically consist of one instructor to 35 students. The faculty understands that a student’s learning curve and skills development is different for everyone. Our instructors work with each student to ensure his or her success through the program.

Administrative Staff

Laura-Michelle Iacovone THUMBLaura-Michelle Iacovone, B.S., LMT
Dean of Students

Laura holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Studies from Cornell University. She was trained as an animal nurse when she lived in London, England and managed Fultonville Animal Hospital for two years when she came back to New York State. Laura then worked for several years as a farm products commodities inspector with both the NYS and US Dept of Agriculture. She is a graduate of the New York Institute of Massage in Buffalo, NY, class of 1997. Laura began working at CNWSMT in January, 2000 and is both the Dean of Students and the Bookstore Manager. For the last several years, Laura has also been an assistant in the Wellness Course for full time students, and has assisted Joy Adler, Wellness Course instructor, in several Continuing Education classes including Mastery in Healing: Psychology of the Body Apprenticeship Training. She also has a private practice in the Capital District area.


Steve Satalino
Registrar/ Bursar

Steve brings over two decades of experience to the Registrar/ Bursar position. With a background in developing and maintaining procedures as a Logistics Analysis  – along with his affable nature – Steve is the perfect fit for this position. A jack of all trades, Steve’s background also includes sales, financial planning and managing a warehouse. He is also our resident Mr. Fix it.


Grayce Ray THUMB

Grayce Ray, M.A.
Director of Continuing Education

Grayce holds a Master of Arts Degree in Anthropology from the University of Albany. She brings a background in cultural ecology, environmental advocacy and community-based research. She is passionate about promoting health and community building through the development of urban green spaces, such as community gardens. Grayce brings to her position a unique warmth, and is highly skilled in the art of managing the needs of the Center for Natural Wellness students, faculty and staff.

Alicia Banker THUMB

Alicia Lombard, B.A.
Admissions Director

Alicia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University at Albany. She spent six years as a News Producer at WNYT, News Channel 13, before joining the Admissions Team at CNWSMT in 2011. Alicia also has experience in restaurant managing, retail and customer service. Alicia brings all of these areas of experience together in her role as Admissions Director.

Alyse Brehm
Admissions Representative 

As a former hospitality manager, Alyse brings a warm and friendly nature to her role of Admissions Representative. As someone with a servant’s heart, Alyse also worked at a hospital as a patient liaison, working with both patients and their families. She now assists the Admissions Director at CNWSMT, providing support and information to incoming students.




Anne Malone
Office Manager

Ann comes to CNWSMT with 20 plus years in the Medical/Administrative fields. Ann has held positions in physician offices and hospitals. Most notably St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona; where she worked as a Medical Assistant in the Cardiopulmonary Rehab Center for 10 years. Ann graduated Phi Theta Kappa from Pima Community College, Arizona, attaining a degree in General Studies with Honor’s focus towards Anthropological studies. Ann has a passion for Wellness and coupled with her extensive administrative background allows her to understand the flavor of a holistic institution while able to perform duties inherent to meeting the organizational and administrative needs of the staff and students at CNWSMT.

Michelle Marshall
Administrative Support

Michelle graduated from CNWSMT in 2016 and is passionately pursuing a private practice where she offers therapeutic massage. Her background includes 28+ years of administrative and customer service experience including being a paralegal. She brings an optimistic, go-getter attitude to her role at the school.



Connie Medina THUMBConnie Medina, B.S., M.C., LMT
Student Clinic Administrator

Connie graduated in 1979 from Cortland College with a BS degree in Health Science. She earned a Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University in 2001. Prior to embarking on a career in massage therapy Connie worked in the telecommunications field for 28 years. Connie attended CNW’s full time program in 2009 and has been a practicing LMT since 2010. She joined the CNW faculty as a Foundations of Massage (FOM) classroom assistant in 2011 and became a member of the student clinic administrative staff later that same year. Additionally, Connie maintains a private massage therapy practice in the city of Albany.



Joy Adler THUMBJoy Adler, A.S.

Joy is an instructor of Wellness and Emotional Growth, and a student and faculty advisor at CNWSMT. Joy earned an Associate of Science degree in Communication from the Sage Colleges and is also a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. In addition, Joy has studied early childhood psychology, shamanism, sound healing and Swedish massage. She has been practicing as a holistic counselor since 1988 and has been teaching at CNWSMT since 2004. Joy enjoys seeing the beams of light within students’ lives as they move toward creating the life they most want to live. She uses her skills to help students grow and achieve greater balance in their lives. Her goal is to help students gain a greater depth of self-knowledge and awareness. She believes that massage therapists can assist clients in achieving healing to the degree that they themselves have healed.

Brian Kavanaugh, LMT

[See bio under Administrative Staff]

Terry Fitzgerald THUMBTerry Fitzgerald, B.S., LMT

Terry is an instructor of Foundations of Massage and Myology at CNWSMT. Terry earned a Bachelor of Science in medical technology from St. Rose and is a graduate of CNWSMT. In addition, Terry has studied Myofascial release and Reiki. She has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2009. She has 4 years of teaching experience prior to teaching at CNWSMT. She has been a classroom assistant and a lead instructor at CNWSMT since 2012. Terry brings a quiet warmth and compassion to the classroom.

Dagney Alexander THUMBDagny Alexander, B.A., LMT

Dagny is an instructor of Shiatsu at CNWSMT. Dagny earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and English from SUNY Albany, and is a graduate of The Desert Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona. In addition, Dagny has studied Shiatsu with Warturu Ohashi at the Ohashi Institute in New York City and deepened her understanding of traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Theory by studying with Lonny Jarrett, M.A.C. in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. She has been practicing Shiatsu since 2000. She has taught Shiatsu since 1998, and has been a lead Shiatsu instructor at CNWSMT since 2007.  Dagny has an ability to appreciate each and every student and reflect the light within them.

Cindy Moorcroft, M.A., LMT

[See bio under Administrative Staff]

lou alpy THUMBLou Alpy, B.A., LMT

Lou is an instructor of Foundations, Chair Massage and NMT (Neuro-Muscular Therapy) at CNWSMT. Lou earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from SUNY Plattsburg, and is a graduate of CNWSMT. In addition, he has studied NMT and Medical Massage. Lou has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2001. Lou was a classroom assistant for 6 years, and has been a lead instructor at CNWSMT since 2007. Lou is passionate about massage therapy and dedicated to helping students use proper body mechanics. He greatly enjoys the detailed detective work required to evaluate and treat various musculoskeletal problems.

Kelly Hochheimer THUMBKelly Hochheimer, M.F.A., LMT, NCBTMB

Kelly teaches Myofascial Release (MFR) and Applied Techniques at CNWSMT. Kelly earned a Bachelor of Science degree in technical theatre from SUNY and a Masters of Fine Arts in scenic design from the North Carolina School of the Arts. She is also  graduate of CNWSMT. In addition Kelly has studied medical massage, lymphatic facilitation, and John Barnes myofascial release. Kelly has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2007, a classroom assistant at CNWSMT since 2008 and a lead instructor at CNWSMT since 2009. Kelly’s communication skills, thoroughness and patience are key strengths in sharing her passion for bodywork. She enjoys assisting other with the personal and professional transformation of massage therapy training.

Kerstin Maile THUMBKerstin Maile, MD (Germany), LMT

Kerstin is an instructor of Pathology II at CNWSMT. Kerstin Maile earned a MD and PhD from the ULM University in Germany in 1986. She graduated from the Boulder College of Massage. Kerstin has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1999. She taught for 3 years prior to teaching at CNWSMT, and has been a lead instructor at CNWSMT since 2006. Kerstin uses her extensive knowledge of alternative therapies to shape her teaching of Pathology. She believes that our thoughts and beliefs have great ability to influence our state of health.

Gregg St. Clair, B.A., LAc

Gregg is an instructor of Eastern Pathology at CNWSMT. Gregg earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from Lockhaven University, and a Masters Degree in Acupuncture from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He has been a NYS Licensed Acupuncturist since 2001, and uses many tools of Eastern Medicine including cupping, herbs, massage and Qi Gong. Gregg has been a lead teacher at CNWSMT since 2003. He shares his vast experience and his passion for improving life and health through Eastern Medicine.

Vickie Nichols THUMBVickie Nichols, M.S.

Vickie is an instructor of Aromatherapy. Vickie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Castleton State College, and a Master of Science degree in counseling from SUNY. In addition, she graduated from the London School of Aromatherapy and holds a LLSA . She has been a lead teacher at CNW since 1999. Vickie shares her energy and enthusiasm with students, as well as her extensive knowledge of the health benefits of essential oils.

Everett Ramos THUMBEverett Ramos, LMT
Instructor & Clinic Supervisor

Everett is an instructor of Shiatsu at CNWSMT. Everett is a graduate of CNWSMT. In addition, Everett has studied OM Yoga and is a yoga instructor. He also studied Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Theory with Lonny Jarrett, M.A.C. in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Everett has been practicing massage therapy since 2008. He has been a classroom assistant since 2009, and a lead teacher at CNWSMT since 2012. Everett brings a gentle, thoughtful presence to his work with students.

Besty Soarse THUMBBetsy Soares, LMT

Betsy is a 2003 graduate of CNWSMT. She teaches Professional Development and Wellness & Emotional Growth at CNWSMT, where she has been teaching at CNWSMT since 2012. Betsy is a passionate and studied teacher who brings the connection of body, mind and spirit to the forefront for Massage Therapist, to deepen the connection of healing and releasing long held chronic body tension, pain and dis-ease in their clients. In addition, she has a background in public relations and marketing. Betsy brings strong organizational skills and a calm, friendly demeanor to the classroom. Betsy has been in private practice as a Massage Therapist and Energy Healing Practitioner since 2004.

Mary Crinnin THUMBMary Crinnin, B.A., LMT

Mary is an instructor of Shiatsu at CNWSMT. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Wells College, and is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage Therapy. Mary had 2 years of teacher training prior to teaching at CNWSMT. In addition, Mary has studied Thai Massage, Trager, Craniosacral therapy and Watsu. Mary has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1997, and has been a lead teacher at CNWSMT since 1999. Mary brings a passion for Shiatsu and a warm, open-heartedness to the classroom. She is committed to living life in line with the eastern principles of healing.

Jen Hathaway, B.S., LMT

Jen is an instructor of Sports Massage, and is a Sporting Event coordinator at CNWSMT. Jen received a Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training from Russell Sage College, Troy, NY. She received her massage training from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA, and has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1996. Jen holds advanced certification in Clinical Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Active Isolated Stretching and flexibility training. Jen has been a lead instructor at CNWSMT since2001. Jen brings light-hearted humor, and a wealth of experience in stretching and muscle energy techniques to the classroom. She believes that regular massage therapy helps her clients achieve optimal health and wellness.


Harout Mergian, D.C.

Dr. Harout Mergian is an instructor of Neurology at CNWSMT. Harout received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Harout has been a hands-on oriented chiropractor since 1989. He has been a lead teacher at CNWSMT since 1999. Harout provides students with a vision of the big picture as well as an appreciation of the intricate details of the nervous system.

Michael G. Perman, LMT, CH, BEE

Michael is an instructor of Polarity at CNWSMT. Michael earned a degree in electrical engineering from the City College of New York. He is a graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics and is a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnosis. He is also a Reiki master. Michael has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1981, and has been a lead teacher at CNWSMT since 1999. Michael enjoys the challenge of facilitating physical health, emotional growth and wellness for a wide range of clients. His students sense his belief in the endless potential within us all.

Lee G THUMBLee Gabrilovitch, B.A., RN, LMT

Lee is an instructor of Anatomy and Physiology at CNWSMT. Lee earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art from SUNY Binghamton, and received a diploma of Nursing from Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. In addition, she is a graduate of CNWSMT. Lee has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2004. She had 13 years of teaching experience prior to teaching at CNWSMT. She has been a lead instructor at CNWSMT since 2005. Lee brings an abundance of humor and vibrant enthusiasm to the classroom. She believes that simply providing presence and touch can dramatically improve a client’s physical, emotional and spiritual state.

Laura Brown, M.S. PT, LMT

Laura earned a Masters in Physical Therapy from D’Youville College in 1996.  She graduated from CNWSMT and received her NYS Massage Therapy License in 2001.  As a physical therapist, Laura has worked in acute care, rehabilitation and home therapy.  In addition, Laura has 14 years of experience as a massage therapist, bringing a medical massage perspective to her work.  Laura teaches Pathology II, while sharing her strong work ethic, stories from her broad experience, and much passion for the power of bodywork.


Dacia Proper, D.P.T.

Dacia earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy from The Sage Colleges in 2012.  She has worked with children and adults who have a variety of neurological and orthopedic illnesses, and injuries.   Dacia is also a yoga instructor, and has incorporated yoga into her work with those with neurological issues.   Dacia teaches Pathology II, and brings high energy and enthusiasm to the classroom.  She considers herself a lifelong learner and enjoys supporting CNWSMT students in their learning.







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