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School of Massage Therapy - Graduate Spotlight

Colleen H. Young
CNWSMT Graduate 2013
Company: Mantra Wellness Therapeutic & Medical Massage,
Website: www.mantrawellnessmassage.com
Specialization: Medical massage; Oncology, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Sports Massage.
Read Colleen H.'s Story
Julie Allen
CNWSMT Graduate
Company: Delmar Massage Therapy, P/T
Website: www.delmarmassagetherapy.com
Specialization: Swedish, Dry-rush, Shiatsu
School changed my life by teaching me the things I need to know to survive, live, and love. Read Julie's Story
Barbara Burridge
CNWSMT Graduate
Company: , Full-Time
Specialization: Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Swedish
Read Barbara's Story
Mike Grden
CNWSMT Graduate
Company: , Part-Time
Specialization: Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Energy Work
Read Mike's Story
June Clayton
CNWSMT Graduate
Company: , Part-Time
Specialization: Swedish, Relaxation
Read June's Story
Lorraine Calleri
CNWSMT Graduate 2007
Company: Stepping Stone Massage, PLLC, Full-Time
Website: www.steppingstonemassage.massage
Specialization: Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Balancing, and Shiatsu.
Read Lorraine's Story
Laura Bohley
CNWSMT Graduate 2005
Company: Kinderhook Therapeutic Massage, Full-Time
Website: www.kinderhookmassage.com
Specialization: Swedish, Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy
I will never again dread going to work!  It doesn’t get much better than providing stress and pain relief to hard working people. Read Laura's Story
David Casner
CNWSMT Graduate 2002
Company: Massage Arts Studios, Full-time
Website: www.massageartssaratoga.com
Specialization: Deep tissue, pain relief from injuries or postural problems from repetitive use. Stretching, breathing instruction, re-education.
I love what I do, I make my own schedule, I have opportunity for expansion, and to be an entrepreneur rather than just... Read David's Story
Anne Marie Aubin
CNWSMT Graduate 2007
Company: Inspirational Touch Massage Therapy, Full-Time
Website: www.inspirationaltouchmassage.com
Specialization: swedish, deep tissue, sports, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, stretching, chair massage, and some reiki
I am a much more balanced, happier and healthier individual. It took alot of stress out of my life. I meet the most amazing people and most of all it has... Read Anne Marie's Story
Carolyn Kolterman
CNWSMT Graduate 2007
Company: Total Image Spa, PT / FT
Website: Not yet!
Specialization: Swedish Massage, Therapuetic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Chair Massage
Being my own boss has been enjoyable to be able to focus on clients and their needs.  Most of all being balanced and enjoying what I’m doing... Read Carolyn's Story
Mary Beth Clancy Halayko
CNWSMT Graduate 2004
Company: Self-Employed, Hospice, Basketball Team, and more..., Full-Time
Website: Not Yet
Specialization: Massage for clients with cancer, Reiki, Swedish, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release
Read Mary Beth's Story
Candace Ellis
CNWSMT Graduate 2005
Company: Calm Seas Therapeutic Massage, PT
Website: Coming soon...
Specialization: deep tissue, shiatsu (specifically for pregnancy as well), Reiki, aromatherapy, and Swedish
I absolutely love having the opportunity to provide others with a feeling of relaxation... Read Candace's Story
Jennifer St. Denis
CNWSMT Graduate 2004
Company: Bodywork for Wellness, Full-time
Website: www.Bodyworkforwellness.com
Specialization: Osteopathic physical therapy, Neuromuscular massage, Swedish massage
My desire to become a massage therapist came from my interest in honoring the... Read Jennifer's Story
Jane Feldblum
CNWSMT Graduate 2000
Company: Self Employed, Part-time
Website: Not at this time
Specialization: an eclectic approach that includes techniques from Swedish, reflexology, craniosacral, energy, stretching
I LOVE being a Massage Therapist, it is my passion. I give up a lot of... Read Jane's Story
Gwen Guarino
CNWSMT Graduate 2004
Company: Balance In Nature Massage Therapy, Full-time
Website: www.GwendolynGuarinoLMT.com
Specialization: Addressing postural issues, trigger point therapy
I have also become much healthier personally because of what I have learned and practiced. I have also found the increase in... Read Gwen's Story
Nancy Kendall
CNWSMT Graduate 2007
Company: Healing Spirit Massage, Fulltime
Specialization: Swedish Massage. Therapeutic massage and Reiki.
I enrolled in CNWSMT just before my 58th birthday. I am now living the life of my dreams doing work that I love. I have never been happier... Read Nancy's Story
Donna M. Panzl
CNWSMT Graduate 2002
Company: Sacandaga Therapeutic Massage, Full-Time
Website: www.sacandagamassage.com
Specialization: Swedish, Hot Stone, Neuromuscular Therapy, Pranic Healing
I knew for many years (before CNWSMT even existed) that I wanted to be a L.M.T.  It was always... Read Donna M.'s Story
Carianne Russo
CNWSMT Graduate 2004
Company: Self Employed, Full-Time
Website: Not at this time
Specialization: Myofascial Release
Becoming a massage therapist has totally changed me as a person... Read Carianne's Story
Joyce Tucker Varriale
CNWSMT Graduate 2000
Company: Halfmoon Massage, part-time
Website: www.halfmoonmassage.com
Specialization: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Massage, Chair Massage, Pregnancy Massage & Reiki

I get fulfillment out of the job I am doing. I love being able to...

Read Joyce's Story
Victoria Welch
CNWSMT Graduate 2007
Company: Self Employed, Part-time
Specialization: Deep tissue associated with whiplash injuries and other head, neck, shoulder issues.
I am a full time student with classes Monday-Friday at MCLA where I am pursuing my BS in Biology. Monday I massage in... Read Victoria's Story
Patricia LoGiudice
CNWSMT Graduate 2004
Company: Alternative Health Services, Full-Time
Website: Coming Soon
Specialization: Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Sports, treatment of Fibromyalgia
Read Patricia's Story
Pamela Jo Weaver
CNWSMT Graduate 2003
Company: Kimberly's A Day Spa, Full-Time
Website: www.Kimberlysadayspa.com
Specialization: All forms of Massage
Read Pamela Jo's Story
Karen North
CNWSMT Graduate 2006
Company: Self Employed, Part-time
Website: www.atruenorthmassage.abmp.com
Specialization: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone
I meet many amazing people and help them overcome obstacles of chronic pain or relaxation... Read Karen's Story
Barbara Ritrovato
CNWSMT Graduate 2001
Company: Equinox Resort and Spa, Full-Time
Website: www.equinoxresort.com
Specialization: Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Ahbyanger
Working in a positive environment with positive people and helping... Read Barbara's Story
Rachael Ostrander
CNWSMT Graduate 2008
Company: Self-Employed, Full-Time
Website: www.Equilibrium.MassageTherapy.com
Specialization: Swedish, Lymphatics, Injury Recovery
I am opening my own practice, so I am building a clientele still.  Eventually, I will be doing... Read Rachael's Story
John Tubbs
CNWSMT Graduate 2002
Company: Albany Massage Professionals, Full-Time
Website: www.albanymassageprofessionals.com
Specialization: Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Energy Healing
I knew I always wanted to connect with people and be able to... Read John's Story
Cindy Allen
CNWSMT Graduate 2003
Company: Basic Kneads Massage Therapy, Full-Time
Website: Coming Soon...
Specialization: Thai Massage, along with Swedish, Pregnancy, and Infant Massage
My career as a massage therapist has positively impacted my life!... Read Cindy's Story
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