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The Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy - Curriculum

Open/Close Myology & Kinesiology
Open/Close Anatomy & Physiology
Open/Close Neurology
Open/Close Pregnancy Massage
Open/Close Reflexology
Open/Close Sports Massage
Open/Close Chair Massage
Open/Close Gentle Massage
Open/Close Myofascial Release
Open/Close Neuromuscular Therapy
Open/Close Craniosacral Therapy
Open/Close Applied Techniques
Open/Close Shiatsu
Open/Close Introduction to Energy
Open/Close Polarity Massage
Open/Close Aromatherapy
Open/Close CPR/First Aid
Open/Close Professional Development
Open/Close Student Clinic
Open/Close Community Outreach
Open/Close Self Care/Self Responsibility
Open/Close Integrative Study
Open/Close Wellness and Emotional Growth
Open/Close Homeopathy
Open/Close Forearm Massage
Open/Close Assessment Skills
Open/Close Western Pathology I and II
Open/Close Western Path. Independent Study and Presentation
Open/Close Eastern Pathology
Open/Close Foundations of Massage
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