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Is Massage Therapy School for Veterans?

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Military Educational benefits for massage therapy school

Is Massage Therapy School for Veterans?

By: Bob Mackey

People may think massage therapy school isn’t a natural course of action for retired Military. As a veteran – and someone who served for 30 years in the Military – I disagree. Here’s why.

I served in the Navy. After that, the Army National Guard.  Prior to my active duty tour in Iraq, I accrued 250 credit hours at a local community college. After my tour of duty, I accumulated more educational benefits.

Massage Therapy School for Veterans

Bob Mackey during active Military duty.

Following my military retirement, I contemplated how to best make use of these benefits.  I noticed an advertisement on social media for a massage therapy seminar in my area.  My curiosity was peeked, so I decided to attend the seminar.  The enthusiasm of the presenters from the Center for Natural Wellness, School of Massage Therapy (CNWSMT) was infectious. I was sold.  I was impressed with the quality of the instructors, and with the school’s reputation for excellence.

I contacted my Veteran’s Administration representative, and started the process of applying to the school.  My only regret is that I hadn’t thought of massage therapy as a career when I was younger! As I enthusiastically read the materials provided at the seminar, I realized that massage therapy was so much more than just a 1 hour relaxation session at a spa.  The art of bodywork and massage – and its overall benefits to mental and physical health – would help my future clients and also help me.

The school has so many excellent and diverse instructors, with varying expertise, that I couldn’t wait until the first day of classes.  One of the instructors had even published a textbook that is being used around the country in other massage therapy schools.

Why I chose massage therapy

Military Educational benefits for massage therapy school

Bob Mackey performing Swedish massage during a CNWSMT class.

What better subject to learn, and be trained on, but your own body?  The journey you embark on will transform you, enhancing your awareness of the body’s magnificence.  One can choose massage therapy as a full-time vocation, or as a sideline to your primary occupation.  A parent of young children can stay at home, yet still be able to have a part-time career.  I am retiring from my current full-time career as an electronics technician in a few years, and I look forward to starting a new chapter in my life. I can set up my own business in my home, or right in my community.  The possibilities are endless.

Military Educational Benefits help pay for Massage Therapy School

The educational benefits that are accrued in the military are invaluable and should not be wasted.  Military educational benefits are helping to pay for my massage therapy school, and I’m glad CNW is a school that supports veterans who may be returning to civilian life after their term of service.  It would be a shame to let your veteran’s educational benefits lapse when you can enhance your life with the skill of massage therapy.  Your experience as a hardworking, motivated individual will actually be a benefit in your massage school studies.

If you’re worried about how you’ll have the time to attend school, CNW has flexible programs to accommodate most individual’s lifestyles.  I attend the part-time program, with a straight 3 ½ hours of classes per day, and one Saturday every month – and in 14 months, I will graduate.

A supportive community

Although it was a challenge to return to the classroom, and to study in a field that is far removed from current job as an electronics technician – the community here is amazing. My fellow students are like family.  The dedication of the instructors, and their intense interest in the individual student’s success, is reassuring.

Every completed chapter in my textbook, and each test that I do well on, increases my confidence.  The positive transformation I am experiencing is affecting all aspects of my life.  I would like to encourage my fellow veterans that are searching for a way to use their educational benefits to explore the field of Massage Therapy.  I am extremely glad that I did!


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