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Massage Therapy School Statistics

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Massage Therapy School Statistics

Program Information & Statistics

OPEID#: 037733
CIP Code: 51.3501 (link)
Program Name: Massage Therapy
Program Level: Diploma
Program Length: 9.5 Months Full-Time, 12 months Full-time, 14 Months Part-Time (Day), 22 Months Part-Time (Evening)
Target Occupation: Massage Therapist
SOC Code: 31-9011 (link)
Required Books: Detailed information on the required text books can be found listed with each course description on our Curriculum Page

Program Tuition: $16,600 (including $100 deposit)

Included in the price of full tuition:

Course Materials:  Distributed at the start of each course*

Massage Table:  Distributed after the 4th week of instruction*

Review Classes:  Held post-graduation before each state exam

$100 Credit:  At the CNWSMT Book Store (no cash value & non-refundable)

Required Textbooks NOT included in Tuition: 

1. Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Manual Therapists, Archer: $73.00, ISBN: 9781605476551

2. A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology, Werner $66.00, ISBN: 9781496310828

3. Myology and Kinesiology for the Massage Therapist, Moorcroft $67.00, ISBN: 9781451155693

4. Psychology of the Body, Greene $49.00, ISBN: 9781608311569

5. Business Mastery, Sohnen-Moe $36.00, ISBN: 9781882908059


* All Required textbooks are available for purchase at the CNWSMT Bookstore. Book prices are subject to change. Please note that CNWSMT provides all proprietary course materials, supplies and an Oakworks Synergy Massage Table Package. Oakworks Synergy Massage Table Package is packaged specifically to meet the needs of our educational criteria and is not available as a retail package. The Massage Table package is to be ordered after the 4th week of instruction. If a student is dismissed or withdraws from the program before completing 100 scheduled clock-hours of the program, the student must forfeit the massage table that is included in the Tuition Price or be charged $350. Students will also be charged the full retail value of all items received (i.e. books, t-shirts, etc.) if they have not completed 100 hours. Students electing to upgrade the standard table package must pay for upgrades at the time the order is placed. Each student may only receive ONE massage table per Full Paid Tuition at CNWSMT.

**School policies subject to change based on Federal Regulation Guideline updates.**

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Gainful Employment Disclosure

2016 Campus Safety and Security Report


This job placement data is based on graduates who begin seeing massage clients within a reasonable time-frame from state licensing and in accordance with their personal preferences. The data was obtained through the voluntary completion of graduate surveys during the time frame of 2015-2016. See Gainful Employment Disclosure for further breakdown of statistics reported to the accrediting body ACCSC in October 2016.

Job Placement Rate CNWSMT: 83% (averaged)

This percentage is based on all graduates who passed the New York State Exam. This statistic is based only on all graduates who passed the NYS Exam and are classified as employable.

 Full Time (9 month program): 90%

 Part-Time Morning (14 month program): 94%

 Part-Time Evening (22 month program): 75%

 Summer Full Time (12 month program): 75%


Job Placement Rate CNWSMT: 63% (averaged) 

This percentage is based on all graduates, including graduates who did not pass the New York State Exam, and are classified as unemployable

Full Time (9 month program): 68%

 Part-Time Morning (14 month program): 58%

 Part-Time Evening (22 month program): 75%

 Summer Full Time (12 month program): 43%


Program Completion

On-Time Completion Rate is for those who completed the Program within the normal time allowed from 7/1/2015–6/30/2016 (89 students).

Number of Students Completed On-Time: 82
Number of Students Completed Within 150%: 7
On-Time Completion Rate: 92%

2016 MBLEx Pass Rate CNWSMT: 95%

Nationwide pass rate for this exam during this time period was: 66%

Graduation Rate in 2016: 76%

NYS Exam Pass Rates

Total Average since 2000:

CNWSMT NYS Exam Pass Rate: 85.19%

Overall NYS Exam Pass Rate: 81.78%


Totals for 2016 :
January 2016
CNWSMT NYS Exam Pass Rate: 73.53%

Overall NYS Exam Pass Rate: 75.31%

August 2016
CNWSMT NYS Exam Pass Rate: 82.76%

Overall NYS Exam Pass Rate: 63.01%

2016 Averages:
CNWSMT NYS Exam Pass Rate: 79.35%

Overall NYS Exam Pass Rate: 67.24%



Median debt levels upon completion for those who completed the Program from 7/1/2015 – 6/30/2016.

(138 students).

Median Federal student loan debt: $9,400
Median Private student loan debt: $1091
Median Institutional debt: $0

Our Programs

Our NYS recognized Massage Therapy Training program is offered in 3 formats:
  • Full-Time Day
  • Part-Time Morning
  • Part-Time Evening

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