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Volunteer Massage

Information about Volunteer Massage

Our students can only legally practice massage under the direct supervision of an instructor in a class setting, so they cannot offer massage at outside events. Due to the hundreds of requests for free, volunteer massage that we receive each year, our policy is that you must meet both criteria in order for us to be able to recruit alumni for chair massage events:

  • Your business must be a non-profit or not-for-profit organization with a health or sports related mission.
  • The population of clients receiving massage must either be people with specific medical needs that can benefit from massage or athletes participating in a sports event.

We request at least a month’s notice to give our staff and graduates time to respond. We unfortunately cannot guarantee that our alumni will respond to your request. The only way to guarantee chair massage at your event is to use paid services. If you believe your organization meets our criteria, please email your volunteer massage request to the Placement Services Coordinator: to have it considered.

3 thoughts on “Volunteer Massage”

  1. Harriet says:

    I unfortunately experience very bad anxiety, especially lately, and my muscles in my back and shoulders become incredibly sore and tense but more importantly the only thing that seems to relax me and help me clear my mind is massage, without the need for taking medication đŸ™‚ a much preferred and beneficial treatment x

  2. Deborah Bernstein says:

    I have a build up of fluid in my legs and ankles, lymphadema,and would greatly benefit from being worked on by a massage therapist.

  3. Rick Hummel says:

    suffered spinal injury and would like to try massage relief

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