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21 Reasons

1. Program Options: to better fit your schedule, our School of Massage Therapy training programs are offered in either a Full-Time, Part-time morning or Part-Time Evening format. Each format is offered twice a year, in the spring and fall.

2. Exclusive Massage Therapy Education: We offer a comprehensive massage school curriculum which covers many modalities and introduces students to a variety of different massage options. In addition all science classes are taught in the context of Massage Therapy.

3. Outstanding State Exam Results: Our graduates average a 90% passing rate, New York State average is 77%.

4. Experienced Massage School Faculty: Our faculty consists a team of professionals who are dedicated to leading students down a successful career path of massage and bodywork.

5. Community Service: Students have the opportunity to provide massages at local medical sites, including local hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice facilities.

6. Wellness Store: Extensive supply of massage therapy products and equipment for students and practitioners, including special order products.

7. Job Placement Services: An on-staff Director of Career Development & Alumni Services assists graduates in finding a job to start their massage career.

8. Sporting Events: Students have the opportunity to provide massage at eight planned sporting events including the Women’s 5K National Championship (The Freihofer’s Run for Women) and the Lake Placid Ironman Competition.

9. Applied Techniques: We offer a 12-hour intensive course that combines medical assessment and Western techniques – which folds them together to demonstrate, in a practical way, how to develop a treatment plan for specific injuries and apply this in a special session of student clinic.

10. Student Clinic: We provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills while working directly with the public (clients) in a supervised setting.

13. On Campus Amenities:  Our massage school facilities include a full kitchen and comfortable lounge area, student massage library with computer workstations, and free WiFi.

11. Continuing Education: CNWSMT offers various massage school continuing classes to further and enhance students learning experience.

12. Dedicated Administrators: Our directors are educators are dedicated to integrating the latest research and trends from the massage field into the classroom.

13. Small Class Instruction: Our massage school students enjoy an excellent student/teacher ratio in science and bodywork classes.

14. Integrative Seminar: We offer a course designed to encourage each student to research a specific massage topic.

15. Student Tutoring Service: Our instructors are available to provide students with weekly private or group tutoring sessions.

16. Wellness and Self Care: Our massage school students have over 25 hours of class time dedicated to self-care and professionalism to assist in the learning experience.

17. Supportive Admissions Department: We employ helpful admissions staff, dedicated to easing students transition into the massage program, as well as into a career in massage therapy.

18. Professional Development: Our massage school program includes over 40 hours dedicated to helping students create a successful massage career.

19. Professional Counseling Services: We offer up to four free visits with a professional counselor, if needed.

20. A Rich Massage School History: The Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy has been training talented, caring and successful massage therapists since 1998. We put that experience to work for each and every student that enters our program.

21. Professional Massage Clinic: You have the opportunity as a new LMT to apply to work part-time in our professional clinic.

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