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Our Facility

The Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy includes more than 10,000 square feet of space for classrooms, student lounge, meditation room, student clinic, bookstore, kitchen and administrative offices.


The Student Clinic is fully equipped with 20 massage booths, and a separate reception area. The building also offers ample off street parking for its students and the massage schools faculty and staff.




The library contains over 1000 volumes of massage-related books, including anatomical and orthopedic textbooks, text on various bodywork modalities, books on the mind-body connection, as well as many others.

A vast collection of massage videos and audio/visual equipment is also available. In addition, current and past issues of periodicals and massage magazines provide a wonderful resource for interested students.


Videos can be rented for $1.00/day and $2.00/weekend. The late charge for overdue library books is $.50 per day. Our resources also include a full complement of scientific/anatomical equipment, CD-ROM’s for Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology, human skeletons, practice mannequins and modern audio/visual equipment.


School Store

The school store is fully stocked with all of the required textbooks, supplies, and massage equipment including tables, chairs, oils and lotions, aromatherapy products and school-related clothing.

Any items not in stock can be ordered for students. Students can also rent massage tables and chairs at the school for $10.00/day based on availability.


All of the classrooms are clean and quiet, and can be tailored for large lectures or compartmentalized for private one-on-one practice.

Each of our spacious classrooms can accommodate as many as 34 students and instructors at the same time.


Student Lounge

The student lounge is an informal area for students and faculty.

Refrigerators, sinks and microwaves are adjacent to the lounge in the kitchen, and allow students to prepare meals during lunch and dinner breaks.

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