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Continuing Education (CE) Weather & Cancellation Policy

CE Weather Policy

If the weather looks bad we will use our best judgment to determine if a class needs to be cancelled. This decision will be based on the safety of travel in and around the capital district.


In some cases, cancelled classes can be rescheduled, otherwise registrants will be refunded for classes cancelled due to inclement weather. If we do decide to cancel a class, a voicemail will be left on the main line at the Center for Natural Wellness by 6:30am the day of the class.


In the event of poor weather, please call the school the day of your class and listen for a cancellation message. If you do not hear a cancellation message, you can assume classes will be held.

CE Cancellation Policy 


Continuing Education Instructors have the right to cancel a class at their discretion. One reason for a class cancellation might be if there is a low number of registrants in the class at the time of the Registration Deadline.

Another reason might be if the instructor is not feeling well or has a personal matter to tend to. In any of these cases, the registered students will be notified with a phone call ASAP, and will receive a FULL REFUND (minus any late fees if applicable).

Should you need to cancel your registration and withdraw from the class, our policy is that if you notify us 4 days prior to the class date, you will receive a FULL REFUND minus a $20 processing fee.

If you notify us that you will not be attending a class after the Registration deadline and up to 72 hours before the class you will be refunded 50% minus any late fee registration if applicable.

If you give less than 72 hours notice or don’t show up to the class at all, you will receive NO REFUND.


Payments cannot be transferred to future classes.


Completion of the workshop in its entirety is required to receive Continuing Education credit. No partial credit given.

CE Illness/Injury Policy 

We do not issue refunds for classes missed due to illness or injury. However, the instructor may be willing to allow you to participate in the next class date. No guarantee.


In order to be allowed entrance into the next class date you must submit a doctor’s note excusing you from the original class within 1 week of the missed date. 


Re-admittance will only be allowed for the exact same class that was missed and is non transferrable to a different class.

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