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Our masterfully designed curriculum strives to enrich the lives of our students through a comprehensive program of study that intentionally balances both the art and science of therapeutic massage.


CNW graduates through their vast knowledge and understanding of the human body, are able to speak intelligently and professionally with clients and other health care practitioners about the importance of massage therapy in preventive and palliative care.


An important aspect of being a compassionate massage therapist is self-awareness.


Our program provides students with the opportunity to grow personally. Students are guided to examine their relationship to self as well as, to others in a supportive environment. 


The balancing of body, mind and spirit naturally allows health and wellness to arise.

Our highly trained faculty is deeply committed to creating a safe, nurturing and intimate learning environment. This is accomplished through honoring the diversity and uniqueness of each individual student.


We believe that human beings excel when encouraged to be fully who they are.


The process of becoming a massage therapist is a life enriching experience that allows individuals to bring their hearts more openly and fully to their work.


Additionally, our staff and faculty is committed to maintain high standards of integrity, character, and ethics - while cultivating these qualities in each one of our students.

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