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Supportive Tools for Students to Thrive Academically

Learning Resource System (LRS)

The Learning Resource System (LRS) provides supportive tools for enhancing our students ability to prosper academically. The LRS offers academic support in a wide variety of media. LRS coupled with our Student Support Services, provides invaluable tools to further strengthen academic success.


These include:

  • Study Skills Instruction: study techniques for different learning styles.

  • One-on-one tutorials for students needing additional academic support.

  • iPad and computer workstations pre-set with helpful apps and bookmarks.

  • Materials in various media forms (books, apps, DVDs, and online videos)

  • NYS Exam practicum (books, instruction and study courses)


The LRS is managed by qualified school personnel who are available for questions and scheduled orientations. In-house library items are available upon request during designated CNW Library hours. Moodle is available 24/7.

Keys to Academic Success



CNW's online classroom assistant that provides 24/7 access to course syllabi, practice quizzes, class materials, and course-related links and videos.


iPads & Computer Stations

Improve your science skills with modern study tool apps, hand-picked by our instructors and students. Pre-set bookmarks and apps are available on all workstations.



Enjoy a wide variety of subjects ranging from A&P to Aromatherapy.

Books and videos are available for check out.

Our “for library use only” section offers hand-selected specialty items. Please inquire at the Front Desk for access.

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