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Student Services

Black and White Students

Our massage therapy program is designed to help students take full advantage of the opportunity for personal growth. For instance, it is typical for students to gradually experience a new sense of self-awareness. The curriculum includes discussion of personal growth and the power of connection between body, mind and spirit. Students are encouraged to gain new understandings of themselves and others in the context of their classroom activities.


As a result, The Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy recognizes the importance of having a program in place to assist students and their families who are facing issues in their lives. 


Every student at CNWSMT is offered counseling sessions with professionally trained licensed therapists.


This service is confidential and free of charge to CNWSMT students and their dependents.

Professional Development


Professional Development is a course that builds a strong foundation of career knowledge and skills for students approaching graduation from massage school.


This introduction to business helps students transition into the field of massage therapy and build a successful career.


Whether graduates choose to start their own business or work for an already established employer, this course covers the professional basics necessary for entry into the field of massage therapy.

Topics covered include, client communication, business start-up, tax preparation, interviewing, massage law, licensure, and ethics. 


All students will create a simple business plan to help them outline the steps necessary to begin their new career.

Academic Support


The School strives to support students in their academic pursuits at the school and closely monitors their performance. 


CNWSMT offers 5 tutorials to all students at no-cost in all subjects taught at the school and study skills.



CNWSMT is primarily a commuter-based institution and does not provide resident facilities for students. However, our administrative staff is happy to assist any student with their housing needs.

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