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Transfer Students

Students who have completed a massage therapy program outside New York State and wish to explore transferring hours towards a New York State license will need to complete the application in the Transfer Student Information Packet for The Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy.

Pressure Point Massage

There are two categories of Transfer Students:

1. Students who have completed a program with 500 hours or more of training:

Transfer Students with 500 Hours or More of Training need to submit their program information to the NYS Board of Education, Dept. of Comparative Education (518-474-3817, ext. 300) to receive an official assessment (called a “letter of deficiency” or “comparative education letter”) of what hours or courses he or she needs to complete in order to satisfy NYS’s required 1000 hours of training.


These students are mandated by NYS to complete the prescribed hours of training at a school of Massage Therapy that is recognized as licensure-qualifying by NYS (such as CNWSMT) in order to take the New York State Licensing Examination for Massage Therapy and practice professional massage in the State of New York.


These Transfer Students do not receive a certificate of completion from CNWSMT and are considered Non-Certificate Transfer Students.


2. Students who have less than 500 hours of training:

Transfer Students with Less than 500 Hours of Training are able to petition CNWSMT (a NYS approved licensure-qualifying massage therapy school) to transfer in a maximum of 250 hours.


The hours that CNWSMT accepts will be counted toward CNWSMT’s 1,020 hour Certificate Program.  These students will graduate with a Certificate of Completion from CNWSMT and will take the NYS Licensing Examination for Massage. 


They are considered Certificate Transfer Students.

Download the Transfer Student Information Packet to find the Transfer Student Application.

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