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Vision and Philosophy

Educational Goals and Objectives

The school’s primary goal is to prepare each student to meet and exceed the requirements of the New York State licensing exam for Massage Therapy.


Our school’s instructional environment fosters a solid foundation in the practice of massage therapy with numerous science classes preparing students to fully comprehend the functioning of the human body.


Students have the opportunity to explore many different hands-on techniques of holistic bodywork, as well as engage in outside activities which help communities better understand how massage therapy can improve health and emotional well-being.


Our staff consciously strives to unfold each student’s special talents and abilities by adhering to the following objectives:

  • Provide each student with a high quality learning environment.


  • Employ faculty and staff who are dedicated massage therapists and health practitioners and who possess exemplary educational and ethical standards.


  • Provide an educational experience consisting of the art, science, practice and ethics of massage therapy.


  • Provide every student with a wide range of academic and career enhancement opportunities.


  • Encourage personal growth, self-awareness, and respect among faculty and students.

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A Touching Experience

CNWSMT believes that alternative healing techniques including therapeutic massage will continue to play a vital and necessary role in preventive medicine.  


Licensed massage therapists today work in a complementary capacity with traditional medicine; therefore creating a whole new comprehensive model of health wellness.


Through our comprehensive program, graduates will go into the professional health care world confident of their skills and mission as massage therapists.

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Fostering the Highest Standards of Practice


CNWSMT recognizes education and lifelong learning are critical components in maintaining the highest standards of practice.


Practitioners of therapeutic massage often choose to develop an area of specialty after graduation.


We encourage the entire holistic bodywork community to strive for excellence and we expect no less from our students.


We offer a variety of continuing education programs and other resources to uphold the standards of the profession.

We are very proud of our graduates overall success in passing the New York State licensing exam and the National Certification Exam.


Our high pass rates are evidence of the strong massage therapy program offered here at CNWSMT.

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