CNW's Professional Massage Therapists (LMT's)

Maria Anthony, LMT


Maria has 15 years of experience as a massage therapist. She brings the benefits of massage to her clients in a very individual and personal manner. Maria provides Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Cupping, and Deep Tissue Massage, as well as Swedish (relaxation) Massage. Her focus is to relieve pain and restore motion while promoting relaxation, along with improving balance and enhancing wellness in her clients daily lives.

Eyn C. Fessenden, LMT


Eyn is a 2017 graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. He is very focused on his clients individual needs and his massage is both specific and flowing. His style combines the deep relaxation of firm, rhythmic massage with therapeutic techniques to relieve muscle tension and discomfort. Eyn believes in the power of human touch and has a passion for helping people find their inner happiness through massage therapy, reflection, and self-healing.


Glenna Bartnicki, LPN, LMT


Glenna graduated from the CNW School of Massage Therapy in 1999. She is also a NYS licensed practical nurse with 28 years of experience. Helping clients achieve inner peace and healing of body, mind and spirit is Glenna's passion. Each relaxing Swedish massage session includes Reiki, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch. Glenna listens intently to each client and will create a unique session based on each individual's goals. Geriatric and special needs clients are a specific focus in Glenna's practice. Clients depart feeling relaxed, refreshed and peaceful.

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