Fri, Sep 17  |  CNWSMT

CNW Alumni Picnic

Join us for our annual Alumni Picnic! Attend a FREE 3-credit Virology CE class taught by Bill Rahner, followed by an afternoon of lunch, raffles, and catching up with classmates


CE Class: 9am-12pm

Picnic: 12pm-2:30pm


Cost: FREE

(CNW Alumni ONLY)


CE Class Description:

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Viruses But Were Afraid To Ask

What’s up with Ebola? How about Coronavirus? What’s the latest on HIV? Should I get a flu shot? Can viruses cause cancer? (Sadly, some can.) How do viruses work? How do antivirals work? How to vaccines work? Are vaccines dangerous?

Image by Viktor Forgacs

With so much conflicting and often erroneous information about viruses out there, this lecture will give you informed, timely information on viruses and their treatments; what’s really dangerous; what’s not so dangerous; how you can protect yourself and your clients.

A basic anatomy and physiology background will be sufficient for this course. The first hour of this lecture will explain how viruses, vaccines and antivirals work. The next 2 hours will be a detailed look at the history, life cycle, pathogenesis, epidemiology and treatment of a variety of viruses including: Ebola, HIV, Epstein Barr, Influenza, Human papilloma virus, and everybody's favorite, Coronavirus.

If interested in attending, please fill out registration below. Please specify if you’ll be joining us for the CE class, picnic, or both.

Time & Location For CE Class

Sep 17, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
CNWSMT, 3 Cerone Commercial Drive, Albany, NY, USA

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