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POST MASSAGE THERAPY TIPS - Make your massage results last even longer

Have you ever researched massage therapy as an answer for long lasting pain relief?

Everyone knows that receiving a massage is the best way to relax; however most people fail to recognize that massage not only alleviates immediate pain, but benefits muscles and joints for the long run.

Since receiving regular massages is considered a healthy habit, learning how to recuperate afterward is crucial for feeling the best results.

HYDRATION: drink plenty of H20

Drinking water after a massage reduces soreness. One way to avoid being sore the next day after your appointment is increasing water intake. Waters aids the movement of waste products that your therapist worked out of your muscles during your massage. Ultimately, drinking water will boost circulation and flow!

COMFORT: wear comfortable clothes to your massage appointment

In order to increase your level of relaxation, we highly recommend sporting a pair of old sweatpants or your favorite workout hoodie! Loose fit clothing eliminates blood flow restriction- which is important to monitor after receiving a massage. Both the massage, and your apparel, maximize comfort.

SELF-CARE: relax during and after your massage

It’s important to take care of yourself mentally, and emotionally after receiving a massage. It is a common misconception that massage impacts only the physical plane of the body. One way to address any of the emotions that may unfold during your massage session is through guided meditation. We recommend doing some research on media platforms like YouTube, and finding a guided meditation that works for you. Both your body aches, and heartaches deserve to be heard!

TREATMENT: apply topical ointment or try herbal relief for better results

There are a myriad of homeopathic and store bought options to suit your needs! Some natural elements that aid with muscle soreness are turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, and ginger. Another remedy for aching pains is Epson’s bath salt; bath salts can be used both for both relaxation time in the bathtub, and for a quick shower before work. Lastly, topical ointments for fast acting relief (we recommend Biofreeze, Topricin and Icy Hot) always help with recovering after a massage session.

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