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Are you a licensed massage therapist?

Do you want to ramp up your business by changing up your normal massage lotions and oils?

Out with the old and in with the new....

Here are some products that are recommended by the CNWSMT school store to make your practice more successful!

Creams and lotions:


By far one of the top choices by those who work in the massage industry.

Dual purpose cream has all of the great features of a lotion and combines

those with the best features of oil.

This cream has a texture like butter- it has a smooth application without any

residual grease.

This product is typically used in therapeutic or relaxing massages.


This cream provides the perfect glide that makes the massage flow for both

the therapist and for the client.

This cream is hypoallergenic and unscented; this is perfect for more sensitive


Advanced Therapy has a silky formula that offers the perfect glide, however it

won't absorb as fast as most lotions typically do.

This cream can be pumped from a jar, and is ideal for longer massage


This product is known for its use in modalities such as sport massage and

Swedish massage.


This cream is particularly unique for a plethora of reasons; its main use is for

massage on clients with aching muscles or joint problems.

One special feature about this massage cream is that it contains Glucosamine

which has been associated with the relief of joint pain and the support of

healthy tissue and joints.

Natural botanicals reduce inflammation and increase mobility.

This product is lightly scented and perfect for sports massage!

Keep in mind that these Biotone product lines are versatile.

Both Advanced Therapy and Muscle and Joint Relief come in both massage creams and gels in many different sizes!

These product sizes typically range from an 8 oz. pump bottle to a 5 gallon tub. Biotone is diverse- so it’s the perfect brand to suit your massage practice’s needs.

Massage cream and gel is cool… And what about massage oils?

Biotone has you covered for that, too!

Here is what CNWSMT recommends...

Oils and more...


Clear Results is super lightweight!

This oil is so silky, and the best part is that the formula washes out easily from


This means cleaner looking sheets and towels- which is essential for keeping

your materials looking their best.

This product is known for its effortless workability and flowy glide.

Some benefits from Clear Results oil is that it contains Jojoba Oil and Aloe,

super sensitive ingredients for a wide array of clients.


CNWSMT highly recommends this massage oil for both our students in

training, and our experienced alumni.

Revitalizing Oil is one of the most versatile, natural-based oils created.

This massage oil is easy to control with a light glide.

This product is ideal for a wide array of massage modalities.

Revitalizing Massage oil works great over dense body hair; although this oil is

also commonly utilized for aromatherapy (compatible with essential oils) and

hot stone massage.

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